let us stand with the people’s wishes and accomplish their demands

2013-05-25 06:14:59

The Head of the Fahad Al Salem Center for Dialogue of Civilizations and Defense of Liberty, Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah arrived to Berlin Saturday morning to return the invitation received from the founder of the International Art of Life Center Mister Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to participate in the events of the World Cultural Festival.

Sheikh Fahad made a speech at 12 noon according to Berlin timing on Sunday in front of 70 thousands participants of the world figures representing around 150 nations, where he saluted this great gathering in Berlin on the behalf of the peaceful State of Kuwait the state that witnessed peace and war, this gathering that reflects the blessing high humanitarian principles and invited to spread the love among people and called for peace and humanitarian happiness.

He added that whoever sees this gathering exchanging their culture expertise and special businesses would be very glad, happy and honored to have a bright side of the humanity on earth. The Sheikh indicated that Fahad Al Salem Center for Dialogue of Civilizations and Defense of Liberty is carrying on with all the strong efforts to deploy liberty and peace. We thank, support and stand for those who contributed in this great accomplishment.

In addition, he addressed his spectators by saying that they see and hear the letter of people in the Middle East and demand liberty, democracy and peace. Let’s stand together to achieve people’s desire and their demands.

He also addressed the organizers of this event: “you were fantastic by gathering all these people in Berlin, the heart of Europe and the city that suffered demolish from the war, I call for peace.”

In the end, the Sheikh stressed the need to use all his potentials to achieve the mutual goals of this festival in the world which are liberty and peace, thanking again all the present people.