A dot changed all the meaning

2013-11-19 14:54:03

Two words are combined by language alliteration so that they meet in reading and writing: Arabs and the West. It is one of the particularities of the Arabic language: a dot added to a letter changed the meaning, drew high limits and paved the way for a new understanding, a different language and identified two worlds that agree in language but disagree in meaning.

It is the world of the Arabs and the world of the West; two worlds that meet in position and diverge in geography. One of them became in the north of the world and the other became in the south, then the first belonged to the rich world and the second belonged to the world of the poor people who are in need.

To our surprise, it becomes clearer and more obvious when a dot placed on a letter forms a label and indicates profound differences and great impact in the creation of these two worlds very different in nature and patterns of behavior, so they are deeply separated. Even more, this difference was consecrated after the industrial revolution in Europe and after the waves of colonization which affected all the Arab countries. So, these countries were the target of greed as they are the consumption markets and a reservoir rich in raw materials, especially energy, which represents the backbone of the industry and civilization since the end of the eighteenth century. Till now, and despite the recidivate colonization patch, these ambitions have taken other forms because of the effects of colonialism. And as it was said by Ibn Khaldun, the effects of colonialism take hold of lifestyles and patterns of thinking in the colonized countries that will be affected in form and substance by the colonizing states. And despite this affecting and being affected relationship, contrast and disagreement remained clear and the West harbored hostility and hatred against the Arabs based on a kind of racial discrimination against them and while facing their cases.

Some universal groups worked to consecrate this hatred and racism against Arabs so their media produced propaganda stereotypes, broadcasted and spread them across multimedia so they firmly fixed in the Western people minds the image of the Arab as an emotionally lazy human being, related to retardation and whose communities are associated with disease and poverty.

The Western world worked on this fact to confirm that the Arab world remains a consumer society away from becoming a productive and an evolving industry.

At the end, Western ancient and modern colonialisms took advantage of the weak points among the Arabs and kept urging segregation between states and peoples. Even more, Western colonialism encouraged ignorance that is behind all the conflicts between Arab nations in addition to the abominable sectarian diseases representing the most serious threat to the future of the Arabs and the greatest obstacle against peace and the development of their communities.

Therefore, there is a great need to awaken the Arabs to return to their heritage and to stop adopting what belongs to the others, and revive their values that allowed them to grasp the world for a day in history.