Fahad Al-Salem: the Medias are a school that is not less important than college

2012-03-20 02:19:47

Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, the Chief of Fahad Al-Salem center for the Discussion of Civilizations, reiterated that the Medias are a school, educating generations,  that is not less important than school and college, warning from the danger of this situation.

The education and the Medias: one mold for education

As an answer to the question about the main role that the Medias, a method to educate and to deploy education, should be playing to reinforce the educational capacities for the public, Sheikh Fahad answered that the education and the Medias being one mold for the education should stabilize the State and reinforce the capacities of the generations. We are going through the experiences of social alterations; this historical experience had an impact on other countries, especially because it obtained its independence and the decrease of the colonization. In 1961 Kuwait acquired its independence; however we still have a lack in the civil and political homogeneity which is not a secret. As a result, the education and the Medias were persuaded by the deep collision between two sides: homogenous colonized movement among educational policies and a movement claiming a civilized and democratic alteration supported by the people.

The evolution of the education:

Sheikh Fahad continued saying that the public education should develop the deployment of schools and governmental universities as principal institutes in mooring the national identity, and it expresses our civilization and it is our fundamental science, literature and history.

Who forbids the state from constructing universities and schools where, every year, the students face the same issues to access colleges. The education outside the state causes a civilized inequality, especially for those who continue their education in the West. That way we face another problem due to the lack of universities that represents the civilized inequality in the members of a community.

The Sheikh also mentioned that the governmental schools are a fundamental element to reinforce the popular contribution in the society and deploy the civilization and its education. This is how the public Media should be. Whatever is the truth of the economical, political, civilized and social situations inside the state, with the exposition of the violence that suspended Fahad Salem Center, the education and the Medias will always stay whether public or private the most important discussion matters to expand the circle of deploying knowledge, concepts, values… we are still seeking to find mechanisms capable of leading towards globalization, a coherent frame for educationally, civilizational, socially and historically.

Praising the expediency values:

Sheikh Fahad was asked about the influence of the movements demanding this new path of educational work on the national level, he saidthe role of the government should be reconsidered being a tool of organization and regulation in the educational field. This question constitutes a part of a discussion asked at Fahad Salem Center for the Discussion of Civilizations and the value of the discussion resides in a perfect frame to recognize our civilization qualified as present in this regard, that means the development process should be occurred in different fields. We suffer from civilized changes caused by the scientific and technical fissure that entered the society very quickly. Kuwait is a very rich country, capable of founding universities that teach all scientific and technical fields as well as reinforcing the curriculums; we also cannot forget the literature and the book of history and the civic education. However, the authorities’ measures don’t show it support to the society that has the right of education and has the right to have Medias publishing education and knowledge and reporting economical and political situations… to the country, to allow these generations to be aware of the facts.

Therefore in my position I say: Stop praising the expediency values, the individual and commercial competition in the education and the Medias. The educational policies always indicated to the tragedies through minimizing the responsibility of the state while providing the right of education for the citizens, this right is assured by the laws. I call the government to reconsider its role being a tool of organization and regulation in the educational field. Regarding the Media, I cannot say but to wait a bit for the situation’s change because the revival of the people threaten the authorities centers and the Medias too, they should be alerted.