I am a supporter and a participant to the word of His Highness

2009-09-01 04:08:46

The Emir mentioned in his speech, on the occasion of the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan, how Kuwaitis attribute their love for their homeland, and his contact with his family and his compatriots. He reminded us of the blessings that God granted us, and goodness in which we live. As he enjoined us to adhere to our religion and our inherited constants to protect our country and keep it safe, and warned of sedition raised by sectarianism, tribes and categories.

His Highness talked about the Kuwaitis concerns at every moment, and asserted that what he always said, announced, and mentioned in repetitive meetings and interviews: to beware sedition of any kind, and the necessity of stopping and extinguishing it from the members of Kuwaiti society. We must stand against those who raise sedition through: raising awareness among citizens and expose the abusers and those who stir up sedition for their personal interests to reach their own goals, and to support initiatives aiming to true citizenship, and to contribute to the programs and projects that provide the necessary requirements for building the country and advancing development.

I am thankful, Your Highness, from the bottom of my heart. You have focused on the most important part of our lives in this period, and have supported the positions of the good Kuwaiti people.

During these circumstances and conditions, which is about to take our country to division and fanaticism, we have to support you, and stand together against those who want to discord in our country.



May God keep Kuweit and its people from all harm