Sheikh Fahed al salem Al- Ali Al Sabah blames the conflicting parties in Syria for the siege of the Yarmouk camp in Syria

2014-01-16 04:24:27

A new tragedy is added to the Syrian crisis, it is the Yarmouk camp in siege in the Syrian capital Damascus where live Palestinian refugees. We must not forget the war in Syria that became very difficult for all parts; the only victim is the poor people dying under the merciless bombing that doesn’t differentiate between children or old.

In this context, Sheikh al Salem Fahed AL Ali al Sabah said that things in Syria are not clear to the point that we are confused between who wants freedom and democracy and who is destroying, killing, committing crimes and torturing people noting that everything is done wrong and there is no sense of patriotism among the parties, consciousness is lost, the country is destroyed. What is left of it?

He said on twitter: “Syria is a destroyed Arab country, it is ravaged by hunger, anxiety and frustration, and we don’t know yet the end of this scene.

As for the Yarmouk camp, Sheikh Fahed said: ‘’ is it possible that consciousness dies to the point that people are starving? What could one say when seeing the circumstances of people in the camp? He regretted that the world is a witness to such a difficult scene to bear?

He said: "Unfortunately, we do not know the end the crisis of the Yarmouk camp, consciousness is dead and the conflicting parties in the country are responsible for the siege.