the events of today are a repetition of 1986 scenario with more disorder!

2009-11-15 05:16:17

Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah published an article that many Medias already had published entitled “the constitution”, where he reiterated that he abides by the constitution giving the example of the disastrous results of its suspension earlier, despite his approval back then to this idea and defending it. However this experience proved that the constitution safeguards Kuwait.

He anounced that in 1986, the suspension of the constitution was the only thing that matters to the Kuwaitis when the Government and the Parliament reached a dead end and there was no room for discussion, the Government decided to take this step. For that purpose, Sheikh Fahad and some family men were called for a meeting to convince them the importance of suspending the constitution because it serves Kuwait and leads to develop the comprehensive development in the country.

Sheikh Al-Sabah noted that he was so excited along with the young men who accompanied him to serve their country; they were convinced of these explanations, so they started a communication circle with all Kuwaiti parties and started acting to reduce the rejection of people for this big step in order to guarantee the high interest of Kuwait. They had many sharp discussions with social, tribal and familial authorities to convince them, however people rejected the sheikh and the idea of suspending the constitution, and he still remember what they said to him which turned out to be true later.

As a result of suspending the constitution, he waited for the promises given to him to become true but in vain, and despite the presence of men in the state and enthusiastic young men ready to serve their country and a great administrative system in the state compared with today, Iraq invaded the country in 1990 that led to huge losses in Kuwait and its people. He added that he regrets his position that time and he is convinced that the constitution and applying it correctly is a guarantee for Kuwait.

The Sheikh considers that the events of today are a repetition of the same scenario with more disorder, talking about the same governmental measures as in 1986. If this scenario, that some parties are lunching in this current administrative situation, under the lack of the youth enthusiasm supporting this plan and the corruption spread among the society, gets real, will the Kuwaitis and those who believe in the constitution confront this scenario? Will this expose the same explanations given in 1986? Or will it lead to remove what’s left of the accomplishments and the elements of the state and the family?