The concern of His Highness about my health made feel happy and positive

2010-11-10 05:19:29

Sheikh Fahad Al-Ali Al-Sabah expressed his great thank you and appreciation for his Highness the crown Prince Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber  Al-Sabah affirming that the calls of his Highness gave him the strength to defeat the rough period of the recreant attack that he was victim of in Paris.

In a letter sent to the Emir, Sheikh Fahad Al Salem said:“Your call, as soon as you heard the news while you were abroad, and the great affection and the concern on my safety, gave me the greatest strength to defeat my pain and made me optimistic and happy” adding: “your Highness, you embraced me with your noble feelings and you thrilled me with your concern to provide me all the possible ways to protect me as well as supplying all the medical care until I came back to my country. We are acquainted with your kind heart embracing Kuwait and its people, granting the love and the care. This is Kuwait, a loving , cooperating, understanding family and because we showed you our loyalty, sincerity and allegiance, we have these virtues more in us, praying for Allah the one and only to bless your Highness with wellness and hale and that you always consider Kuwait a secure, safe and good home.”

Furthermore, Sheikh Fahad Al-Salem sent a similar letter to his Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad AL-Jaber Al-Sabah to thank him for his concern and continuous pursue to check on him, appreciating these honest feelings as well as making sure to provide all the requirements of care. Thus, Sheikh Fahad Al-Salem sent a letter to the vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Dr. Mohamad Al-Sabah , expressing his appreciation of the honest feelings and the efforts exerted through the continuous directions to the embassy in France to provide all the possible care. He also expressed his thankfulness and gratitude for the Kuwaiti people who were sad and due to their calls and prayers for him he felt their true and innate feelings in this dear country.