Kuwait went through circumstances that ended with the scission of the society

2010-12-14 05:54:35

Sheikh Fahed Salem Al- Ali Al-Sabah said to the Amir of the country "May you live long, as usual, the Kuwaitis are always here to safeguard Kuwait, the line unity, people’s dignity and their money, God bless Kuwait and its citizens from any harm”.      

During a ceremony diner organized by Al Anzi and co. center yesterday evening upon his honor, at Al Jahraa where he always seeks to be present and takes a big place in his heart beside what he bared from a history considered honorable to his parents, The Sheikh added that he previously warned from uproar signs storming Kuwait that require some work to calm it before expanding to reach everyone. Noting that the state went through some events that reached Kuwaitis until the scary words became slang such as the talk about Sunnite Shiite urban nomads (Bedouins) and the details of this uproar.

Moreover the late events on Kuwait were important and everyone must understand it and be aware that the end of it is the scission of the society and the security loss that characterized Kuwait from the beginning, stating his refusal to violate the community and the citizens from all categories embraced by Kuwait.

He mentioned that he previously warned from the hypocrites and fanatics attempting to stimulate the uproar in the country and among family members whether a big family or a small one stressing the necessity of safeguarding the state and sacrifice for it and to be optimistic about a promising future. No one in Kuwait either from a family or from the people, accept that any citizen would be humiliated in his country. The Kuwaiti people stand by His Highness and by the country’s symbol and we have faith that he will not accept any citizen to be offended whether by himself or his money.