Arabs do nothing but count their dead

2012-11-20 06:01:06

No one can deny the Palestinian cause, the mother of all causes, which unfortunately the Arabs and Muslims are lost in its spiral for nearly seven decades, as Sheikh Fahad Al-Salem Al-Ali puts in this article, pointing out that they are unable to recover their rights and their land through wars for their unwillingness and at the peace table due to their weak position. Sheikh Fahad expressed the feelings felt by every Arab citizen ashamed of standing helplessly in front of the crimes of the Israeli enemy against his brothers in Gaza.

Sheikh Fahad said that almost seven decades have passed while Arabs and Muslims are still twirling in the spiral of Palestine. They are unable – or let's say unwilling - to wage a war, nor are they accepted at the peace table.

Seven decades have passed, but Arabs and Muslims are getting more vulnerable, mired in absentia and indifferent of what is being plotted for them by superpowers and global decision-making centers.