the success or the failure of the Government is measured by what to provide to its citizens

2013-03-17 06:06:34

In an article published on website of “Al Moustakbal”, Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah tackled the governmental policy based on the beginning and the measures with the citizens and people in power, indicating the importance of the open-mindedness and the liberty and pointing to governments’ failure proved by its accomplishment record and its pursuit to reduce liberties.

Sheikh Fahad considered that the success and the failure of the government is measured by what to provide to its citizens from accomplishments and services, its best matter is pushing the development and progress forward, adding that the Kuwaiti government is not an exception in this field and a simple inventory for many accomplishments of our Government in the last few years revealing a dangerous disorder which makes people ask many questions: did our government make sure that it did accomplishments the same as fighting the legislative institution? Did the government motivate the growth instead of disabling the interests of the country and its people?

The Sheikh observed that if we return to the government's record we discover a charged record of failures on various levels, pointing to only two issues, the government is seeking to intensify the penalty of precautionary imprisonment, as we read few days ago, about the government's desire to amend its duration. It seems that the intention is to expand the penalties system and intensify it, where the government proposes to return to the previous situation, it was a period of 21 days of imprisonment instead of ten days today. This amendment was approved by the void Parliament. The investigators had the right to detain the accused four days at the police station instead of two days like today. This happens in Kuwait despite all the attempts of the neighboring states to expand the sidelines of freedoms. Kuwait is trying to adapt with all the implements of the Arab Spring, however, according to Sheikh Fahad , some people in Kuwait want to face the storm.

He added that what the government is trying to dedicate is a kind of regression and an attempt to reduce liberties, and this is a precedent in a country characterized by a wide margin of freedom and abides by the constitution, pointing out that it is a part of the easiness culture that strongly invaded us after the liberation, it is possible to put thousands of laws in record time without adapting people to it, and the laws are stipulated in order to regulate life and facilitate it. The Sheikh wondered about the wisdom regarding intensifying the sanctions, saying that some people promote excuses to surpass the amendment. Thus, the Ministry of Interior is complaining, and it is believed that flaws afflicted applying of the old law, but isn’t there any way out? The problem, my friends, lies in the application.

The new law put an end to the injustice for thousands of people and made the procedures easier; it also restricted the margins of the investigators and the prosecutors, and stopped the heartless people from manipulating the fate of others.

Sheikh Fahad pointed out that the operation was previously subject to some people’s mood and many were exposed to injustice for this reason, adding that today they must seek more freedoms therefore this right should not be ignored, that the world is changing, that the birds do not fly without wings , and so is the liberty with the people, they want more from it, yet the problem of applying the law has its own men.

The Sheikh said that solutions and creators are numerous, calling to open the windows for the wind of freedom because there are a lot of open minds that should be wide open on the future and its challenges and there is no problem insurmountable. Kuwait is waiting to be lifted from immemorial gap. Ignoring problems will only aggravates the problem, he stressed the need to overcome the mentality of the past and to look forward to a bright future because challenges are great but minds are better.

Al-Sabah continued saying that he was on the other side, the observer gets surprised from a kind of selectivity in the execution of judicial provisions and this happens in the public but everyone remains silent, despite its clarity, pointing out that Kuwait's constitution did not differentiate between citizens, everyone is equal before the law, they have the same rights, they have the same duties. He cited the cause of some of the members of the void Board accused with defecting the governmental essence, where the court condemned three of them for three years in jail with penal servitude; however the authorities did not take any initiative to execute the judgment and set them free. A lawsuit was presented but none of them showed up.

Sheikh Fahad was surprised and wondered if it’s a play , while the truth is something else especially that the judge force a law that puts the convict behind bars and then appeals. Those three did not have the same sentence, or is it a matter of some deal and why the authority acts in a different way with ordinary people in a similar context .