the Emir drove his family and his citizens to the safe shore

2013-05-13 06:11:58

In the memory of the late Emir Saad Al Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah, Sheikh Fahad addressed a speech reporting his sincere feelings and longings.

Sheikh Fahad described the late Emir as a loving and modest person affirming missing him. He got down while everyone was looking at him, the great leader who gave his country more than anyone can. He gave his life for his citizens at a time where the dedicated were a few. He procured them freedom and welfare, according to him.

Sheikh Fahad added that his father the Prince crossed with his country the dangerous pathways and the horrors of fighting and he reached safety with his family and his citizens. He gave them passion from the depths of his heart and love from the longings of the spirit. They had a father, a brother and a friend. They couldn't find words to express their gratitude better than " His Highness The Father". Sheikh Fahad couldn't give his father grace through this small article but he used the words of the poet Abu Tayeb Al-Mutanabi : " Unlike other leaders who sacrifice their men to live, you would give your own life so that your men live".

Sheikh Fahad said as well that his father the Emir showed extreme courage in the turmoil of defense, he had a reasonable opinion regarding the resolution. He was distinguished among the Kings and nobody could blame him for anything. He indicated as well that his father believed that faith is the path to God that's why he dedicated himself to please him, considering that science is a way of development so he did the impossible to fight ignorance. He believed as well that dialogue is the way of harmony; he was the first to touch the hearts.

Sheikh Fahad continued by saying that for the Emir Saad Al-Salem, the culture was a bridge of communication between the brains; it was an element of power in the souls and the shortest path leading to the acquaintance. He made the State of Kuwait a beacon of knowledge, an oasis of culture and a meeting place. Its magazines filled the libraries in the homeland of the Arabs and in the land of Islam.

Sheikh Fahad said that he addresses him in a speech because he sees him every time the Kuwaitis unite and every time they talk about the justice of the leader and the dedication of the Princes. He didn’t consider the position of Emir as an instinct nor a site of domination because it was a niche of prayers, a placement of services and a platform of duties.

Sheikh Fahad affirmed that despite the death of his father the Emir, his life remained a good biography and the highest example in the governance and leadership. It remained a biography that people talk about and that inspires confidence and prove that hope is still considerable concerning the ability of Kuwait to have qualified adults and distinguished leaders capable of leading the ship and reaching the safe shore.