Egypt in the middle of the storm!

2013-08-17 06:23:42

Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah invited the Egyptian people to stand together and override the uproar threatening them, shedding their blood and causing enormous financial loss.

Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah said that what happened and what is happening in Egypt cannot be assimilated and that Egypt is suffering in the middle of this storm, emphasizing his strong feeling of pain once he saw what is occurring in Egypt and its capital Cairo, the beating heart of Arabism. Sheikh Al-Sabah was regretful for the victims dying in the wrong battle in which a brother kills his brother. A battle that simply destroys companions by Egyptian hands after a river of tears and blood.

Sheikh Fahad said that he is irritated from turbulence of the Arabs' capital and the light of Muslims which makes it a prey for meddlesome and a battle zone in which brothers fight each other. Al-Sabah declared that the Egyptian people who always defended Arabism and Palestine and other countries has the right to be supported by all Arab nation who are asked to do the impossible for the sake of Egypt's peace, progress and surpass of its problems.

Al-sobah claimed that helping the Egyptian does not mean supporting a party against another, but it means doing whatever it takes for the unity and solidarity of the Egyptian people wishing that these efforts will be translated in the field of development and progress, instead of being translated in destruction and kill causing the death of innocent victims which is a loss for Egyptians, Arabs and Muslims.

Everybody was shocked by the level of violence, kill and the enormity of loss. Therefore these events were like catastrophe in Kuwait because the hurtful wound once infects any Arab country, would be agonizing if it infects Egypt. Al-Sabah wished that Egypt would surpass this tribulation and wished these events would ring the bell for well-beings to wake up in order to stop the dangerous bleeding, but this won't block us from raising our voices and alert everybody whether Egyptian or from any other country from the dangerous conditions in our region according to the suffering caused by the ignorant sectarianism. A sectarianism that makes us do for ourselves what the enemy is unable to do.

 Sheikh Fahad continued saying that the rightful call for democracy requires the recognition of one another and his right is freedom and life, hence the relation between them would be based on integration instead of war and nullification. This can only be accomplished only through the true and faithful citizenry and the pertinence to the country before the regime, the party or the sect.

Sheikh Fahad expressed his sorrows for what is occurring in Egypt hoping that its leaders and people will accept each other and will unify their efforts for the sake of their precious country as soon as possible to not regret it later. Al-Sabah asked God to save Egypt and to lead its leaders and citizens to the right way.

 He also tackled the resignation of President Musri, the designated temporary President, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Interior, and the ruling of the current Prime Minister the country for two weeks waiting for the results of the electionsthat will be announced by the Supreme Commission for Elections after 10 days. The designated government must resign and the parliamentary elected government must take control, the Parliament amends the constitution in two weeks and vote on it and poll it after two weeks, then calling for new presidential elections after a week and by that the legality reverts which represents the people.