each person will be answerable for contravening his obligation towards his country

2011-02-14 05:04:27

On the twentieth anniversary of the invasion over Kuwait, Sheikh Fahad Al-Ali Al-Sabah expressed the pain that Kuwait suffered during the Iraqi occupation reminding of the morals that should be taught, in order that the tragedy will not happen again whether internal or external.

In this occasion, Sheikh Fahad declared that the pain and struggle inside each one is flaming with rage again, the feeling of betrayal and the stab of the brother, neighbor and the friend that Kuwait always praised, so they confronted goodness to abuse, loyalty to betrayal, generosity to meanness and invaded Kuwait in the dark ignoring all the principles of humanity, Arab and Islam.

The Sheikh remembers that his father received a phone call on the evening of 2/8 informed of the invasion of the Iraqi forces on Kuwait; he refused to escape to the Saudi Arabia and insisted on staying in his country. He also mentioned the honorable picture sculptured in his mind of the sons of Kuwait lining up together with the loyal habitants. Those people showed the true meaning of the bond and of confronting the enemy in every possible way whether by participating in the Resistance or the civil disobedience or by providing the important services to others.

Sheikh Fahad pointed that the Kuwaitis proved they are people who adore freedom and refuse dictatorship and that was manifested by their refusal to every kind of temptation and threats to help the occupying army and the invasion against their own country and its ruling family, giving by that a historical example. The people remained loyal to the ruling family despite the danger of being exposed to the execution, prison or torture, due to the loving and merciful relationship among the Sabah family and its people who insisted on remaining loyal  and faithful at Jeddah convention according to the Sheikh.

he as well, praised all the martyrs who died and each one who was detained or tortured or hit and he mentioned those who had a helpful role resisting the attack and seeking to liberate the land of Kuwait, and on top of those His Highness the late Emir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and His Highness the late Emir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah “the liberation hero” and the late Sheikh Ali Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah… the unknown soldier.

Sheikh Fahad also noted that who lived in the invasion phase 20 years ago, remembers very well that Kuwait went through a serious tragedy represented by a comprehensive and complete occupation that witnessed money confiscation, bloodshed and child murder, affirming that these actions were hidden from Kuwaiti people who were not a part of the events that anticipated the invasion . However, after the liberation, people surpassed their pain for the love of the ruling family and its ruling symbols at that time, especially who bravely took the responsibility as an appreciation of the huge efforts made to liberate Kuwait.

The Sheikh showed a deep crack during the recent several years in the Kuwaiti social structure that struggled earlier against the aggression and against a popular affliction over the corruption and the recession of the services level. He also tackled the citizen’s emigration and their money abroad which frightened a lot of people who lived the history of 2/8/1990, who were afraid that this tragedy would happen again whether it started from abroad or triggered from inside, where the role of the civil society was absent and leaving the people away from the progress that could affect its future and security.

At the end, Sheikh Fahad and the people are considered to be attached to this country, he pledged that the loyal and patient Kuwaiti people will not recover from the pain and each person will be answerable for contravening his obligation towards his country and facilitating for Kuwait’s enemies to achieve their will.