A gala dinner in honor of Sheikh Fahad Salem Al Ali Al Sabah, where Nasser Eid Al-Barrak has celebrated the return of Sheikh Fahad safely

2010-11-29 05:14:46

The lawyer Nawaf Nasser Eid al-Barrak Al-Rashidi said that the relationship between the people of Kuwait with his ruling family is deep and sustained beyond boundaries, stressing that it shows the depth of democracy in the country as well as symbols of the ruling family's humility.

The lawyer Nawaf Nasser Al-Eid Al-Rashidi Abarrak confirmed that the relationship of the Kuwaiti s with his ruling family is extremely deep and permanent. He noted that this indicates the country's democracy and the ruling family's humility. And during the dinner organized by his father, Nasser Eid Al-Barrak, in honor of Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali and his brothers in the Mubarak Al-Hifi lounge, in presence of personalities and sons of the tribe, Arab ambassadors and Sheikh Fahad Salem, Al-Ali Al-Rashidi said that the ceremony was held on the occasion of the return of Sheikh Fahad Al-Salem Al-Ali unharmed from the attack outside the country of which he came out. And pointed out that democracy in Kuwait is a model to be followed concerning the correlation between the people and the ruling family.

Source: Al-Anbaa Kuwaiti newspaper.