You are the heart of the nation

2013-08-01 06:08:30

Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah said in an intervention on the Twitter addressing Arab peoples urging them to wake up and stop following leaders and politicians, because their loyalty must be for the homeland in order to change the reality and put an end to crises and conflicts.

Sheikh Fahad said that the worst forms of corruption that one can suffer in his life is the time when telling the truth becomes impossible while lying becomes a reality, especially when so people – especially those who have power and posts – resort to theft, which is an evidence indicating that internal problems are knocking the doors.

He added that "nations go into abyss when those who enjoy the confidence of the people resort to treason", pointing out that the country will lose its immunity when its people are dispersed and the society is torn apart, and that the country would be heading towards partition when nations lose their immunity and cannot tell the truth.

Sheikh Fahad also said that "everyone is talking about the division of Arab countries", stressing that these nations will suffer divisions if they do not protect the families and societies and be aware of the serious situation.

He added: "we protect our society when we unite under the banner of the country and when we sacrifice ourselves for the homeland not for a leader or a president or a political party from here or there".

In conclusion, Sheikh Fahad addressed the Arab peoples saying that the nation is more precious than those who have power, and that the people are the heart of the nations and must protect themselves from temptation and avoid falling into the abyss of rumors.