history will record our crimes for posterity

2013-08-15 06:07:52

A lot of the nation's leaders forget that history records all attitudes and actions, so they continue to commit mistakes and crimes, undaunted with the wars and strife they are transferring to the next generations. In a post he wrote on Twitter, Sheikh Fahad Al Salem Al Ali Al Sabah tackled the issue of the "huge mistakes we commit that history records for posterity".

Sheikh Fahad said that the one who records history didn’t say or do anything worth mention, warning that the future generations will learn how to ignite strife and repeat conflicts they do not have guilt in.

He expressed his astonishment towards the situation we experience, where one fights his brother while they both claim they are right but the fact is that both of them are unaware of what is right, wondering who shoulders the responsibility of the conflicts in the Arab countries, and whether the meaning of being right is to kill to gain a post of terminate the partner at home and ignore the will of the people and conspire against it.

Sheikh Fahad concluded by recalling that history records everything and the future generations will be taught the committed crimes.