what are the rights enjoyed by the Arab citizen?!

2013-09-02 06:20:55

Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah posted a tweet addressing the public opinion through which he wondered about the rights that must be enjoyed by every citizen, but the people of the Arab world only read or hear about it and are trying to demand them but never harvesting anything but disappointment.

Sheikh Fahd said that the citizen must enjoy several rights such as freedom and the ability to practice such freedom without harming others, as well as the right to defend his country, in addition to the right to participate in political life including nomination and running elections. The citizen is entitled to a good - quality education, health care and living in a healthy environment, guaranteed by the government.

Citizens have the right, according to Sheikh Fahad, to exchange ideas and opinions and have the right to speak out, write and publish what they want and are responsible before the law. They are also entitled to enjoy equality and employment opportunities.

He pointed out that the law reflects the will of the public and all citizens are all equal in the eyes of the law and have equal rights to run for office and public posts according to their abilities, without prejudice because of their opinions, including religious beliefs as long as expressing these beliefs does not violate the public order as defined by law.

Sheikh Fahad said the citizen must know his rights by all means and methods available to know how to use them without exaggeration or negligence, pointing out that the citizen needs  cultural rights, in addition to civil, political, economic and social rights.

He explained that the people of several countries rebelled to claim their rights and are still making efforts till today, wondering where is the disadvantage if these people won their full rights. He added that Arab citizens hoped for several years to obtain their rights, but they never received anything but disappointments, as the leaders of some Arab countries considered those rights are just slogans.

Sheikh Fahad said that "for many years ago, Arab citizens heard about human dignity and equality and justice and used to read about it in newspapers and magazines, as the subject of human rights became an entangled theme where thoughts are mixed with positions and became an issue that occupies the world at the moment.

Sheikh Fahad concluded wondering: "what are the rights enjoyed by the Arab citizens in the Arab world?"