A vain leader is a war machine killing the unity and future of the people

2013-09-11 06:29:33

In a short message he posted on twitter social networking, Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah expected a dark future to the Arab societies that are drowning in a sea of ​​probabilities that divide the Arab nation, in addition to the absence of a strong leader able to reunite the Arab people.

Sheikh Fahad said that a society cannot decide its fate while living under the mercy of probabilities, adding that Arabs cannot take responsible decisions while they leave their causes depending on probabilities, explaining that all the probabilities we are recently witnessing portend further divisions.

He stressed that the Arabs are facing a storm that will lead to more woes and wars, destruction and hostility, adding that future generations will inherit this storm if crimes of all kinds are not reduced, in particular social and political crimes.

Sheikh Fahad pointed to the need of forming a kind of agreement at the level of the Arab leaders before talking about any Arabic cause, because a vain leader is like a war machine that kills the unity of the people and their future, wondering about the future of some Arab peoples that are plagued by leader who are unable to make a decision.