it is an awful injustice to kill in the name of religion

2013-09-22 06:31:37

In an intervention on the social networking site "Twitter", Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah strongly denounced murders and mutilations executed in the name of religion, condemning the act of committing atrocities under the title of ignorance, coupled with shouts of "Allah Akbar".

Astounded by the change of time and changing standards, Sheikh Fahad expressed his bewilderment regarding the fact that some people behead and murder and mutilate bodies without hesitation or even caring for the screaming victims or responding to their calls, and the most dangerous is that all this is happening under the name of religion and the shouts of "Allah Akbar" before the killings.

Sheikh Fahad stressed that the word "Allah Akbar" is innocent of their claims because God almighty is far above such acts, and the Islamic religion devotes respect for human rights and considers whoever kills someone as if he killed all people.

He pointed out that these appearances are a result to the deviation from the true Islamic faith, and because these people are ignorant and do not know better so that "right became wrong and the opposite for such people".

Sheikh Fahad concluded saying: "Allah is the greatest on the cruel oppressor! Allah Akbar! How could people murder in the name of religion? This is an awful great injustice".