Sheikh Fahad Al Salem Al- Ali al Sabah refuses and criticizes consensual security policy

2014-01-22 07:40:51

There is no doubt that security issue is the concern of Arab people and their leaders, including Sheikh Fahad Al Salem Al- Ali al Sabah who pointed that consensual security means that everything is possible , clarifying that , in the past , we suffered due to  many fatal wars with threatening enemies. These days, the enemy is no longer a state aiming to engulf or abolish another state, stressing that our Arab countries were in the past more peaceful knowing that the security of some countries is not established in case of absence of consensus between major parties.

He said on twitter that consensual security weakens the state, which became a toy in the hand of parties feeding on wars, sometimes they are allies with a party against another, and other times, they seek to sow discord between parties in conflict. He addressed these countries by saying:” is it possible that your policies continue without consensual security, and you are boosting this in your speeches? Do you accept that the security of your state becomes consensual? Doesn’t this need vigilance so that you know that your policy is a weakness point?

According to him, when the security of a state is consensual, neither stability nor peace will be reached because enemies will take charge of the country’s fate. When the state security is realized by consent, this country will be exposed to corruption and conflict temptations