Sheikh Fahed Al Salem Al Sabah fears a new civil war in Lebanon

2014-01-20 19:43:45

After the tsunami of explosions that occurred in Lebanon lately, foreign embassies warn their citizens to travel to Lebanon without unnecessary reasons. This secure country, which was flooding with tourists, where is it now? This question is coming to the mind of all the Lebanese and the strangers but no one can find the right answer.

In this context, Sheikh Fahad Al Salem Al Ali Al Sabah said: "we have known and loved Lebanon, this beautiful green country with our childhood and youth memories, stressing that this country is always fighting to overcome the destruction after many wars, the most severe was the civil war which broke out in 1975 and killed thousands of innocents.

He said on twitter:” the civil war ended after the Taef agreement in 1989, which principles were that Lebanon is a free, sovereign and independent country for all its citizens, where is that Lebanon nowadays? Revealing that he thought Lebanese will learn lessons from the experience of civil war but it is really painful to see all these intern fights between its parties.

He expressed also his concern that the situation becomes more dangerous and that civil war breaks out again. Our Arab world has suffered enough due to positions, hoping that Lebanon remains the country of peace, coexistence, freedom and democracy and not a country overwhelmed by war and destruction.