Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah: the value of my country…

2012-10-04 19:47:50

In an honest speech, Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah addressed s fellow citizens, speaking of what this country represents and how much does it for him, calling Kuwaitis to maintain the security and stability of their homeland for the present and future generations.

He recalled the history of his life, searching for words to address his fellow citizens, when he was taken to a boarding school in Lebanon at the age of no more than seven years and lived several years of exile where he suffered a lot of worries and sorrows away from his country and his family, and most of all he got to know the value of his country.

He recalled how he went out on a mission from his country to Saudi Arabia during the Iraqi invasion, and couldn’t wait to get back to Kuwait despite several attempts to prevent him from returning to his country in the darkest conditions of crisis, and he found himself in the city of Kuwait, which attracts him because it's so precious, without caring about the dangers of his return, and then he knew the value of his homeland.

He added that he also knew the value of his country when he was detained at the center of the Iraqi intelligence service in Al-Mashatel area in the early stages of captivity, his leg was in shackles and the other was tied to a pipe gas, along with all segments of the Kuwaiti society united by their love for their country of Kuwait in the detention center of the brutal Iraqi regime.

In the same context, Sheikh Fahad remembered the day the liberation of Kuwait began and he was in the basement of the Iraqi intelligence building in Baghdad that shook due to the bombs of the allies. At that time he did not care about his safety, but he started to laugh hysterically and knew the value of his country.

The same applies when the tragic incident took place in Jahra, as the Kuwaitis of all segments showed sympathy and solidarity with the families of the deceased, reflecting the Kuwaiti's power of the cohesion.

Sheikh Fahad added he did not regret any work he has done for his country and its people from all sects and trends, not previously nor in the future, whether individually or collectively no matter how hard the followers of corruption, sedition and incitement; calling on the sons and daughters of his country to face such attempts and make the country their priority because it embraces them in peace and security. He also urged Kuwaitis to be the guarding fence of unity and stability, and to preserve solidarity through the good and worse, and maintain it for present and future generations, as maintained by their parents and grandparents.