The price is a constant that supports Arab Youth

2010-05-27 14:23:24

Sheikh Fahad Salem Al- Ali Al -Sabah highlighted at the ceremony to honor the winners of the computer price of His Majesty Sheikh Salem Al- Ali that the procession of human development continues in Kuwait and the Arab world, and this price will be a constant that supports young people in the Arab world, their capabilities, their potential and how to raise their level of work to reach the upscale level, stressing that the price changes each year and each year the results become more satisfactory, which motivates us to move forward. He also expressed his joy for the implementation of this celebration and the atmosphere that reined the ceremony.

He said that the price of the computer medal won by Arabsat Foundation was a great success, and as president of the Federation of private satellite channels, he was proud that an Arab media corporation has earned this achievement. He added that the presence of the head of the institution and its receipt of the award indicates that the Arab media will have great importance and a promising future, built on the principle of freedom of opinion and the opinion of others without restriction.