Kuwaiti People Are Characterized By Their Cohesion and Their Kinship

2010-01-14 14:30:37

The Head of the Fahad Al Salem Center for Dialogue of Civilizations and Defense of Liberty, Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah affirmed that the Kuwaiti people are characterized by their cohesion and their continuous kinship both on the household level and on the relationship level between the Kuwaitis. A long time ago, people were born on these characteristics, manifested by making good traditions and customs both during Ramadan or any other religious or national occasion.

He added in a statement to reporters yesterday evening on the sidelines  of the Ghabqah of Ramadan which was attended by a large number of ministers, senators, ambassadors and citizens who came to the palace of Cordoba at a reception for well-wishers for Ramadan, that this communication is constant between the people of Kuwait in the middle of this holy month, praying to the Almighty to preserve Kuwait and its people from all harm under the wise leadership of his Highness the Emir and His Highness the Crown Prince and to celebrate this occasion once again in which Kuwait will be in prosperity.

He continued , saying that the reception is the tradition of the people of Kuwait, which we learned from our parents and ancestors. This reception stems from the loyalty of the Kuwaitis to each other on one hand and between the people and the ruling family on the other hand. I say to the well-wishers: " I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who attended the reception but those who didn't attend are excused".

He explained that this custom strengthens the principles of love and brotherhood among the Kuwaitis. He called on this occasion to renew the congratulations to the wise leadership, to the Kuwaiti people and to the Arab and Islamic Nations in the rest of the Holy month and in the near advent of Eid Al- Fitr. He also called God Almighty to preserve Kuwait from all harm and to prevail in prosperity and safety the Arab and Islamic people, to accelerate the stability of the Arab people who are claiming their rights and achieving justice and equality, to move forward in the consolidation of our Kuwaiti values and to strive in order to preserve our country by making it a typical country emulated among other countries.

For his part, National Assembly Speaker Jassem Al-Kharafi renewed his congratulations for Kuwait in the Holy month of Ramadan and for the near advent of Eid Al-Fitr and called God Almighty to preserve Kuwait from all harm under the wise leadership of His Highness the Emir and the Crown Prince. He added as well that these visits have been the customs of the people of Kuwait since antiquity because they join them and they support them through better and worse. Therefore, these visits during Ramadan are not but a form of the love of Kuwaiti people to each other.

Al-Kharafi said that the Kuwaitis continue to communicate and to exchange congratulations which are evidence of good spirit of the Kuwaitis, their kind relationships with each other and their relationship with the ruling family, are one of the customs we inherited from our parents and ancestors since ancient.