we will not just stand there watching

2010-09-29 14:53:05

Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, one of the Kuwaiti ruling family,demanded to cease the uproar warning its arsonists that we will not just stand there.

At the end of the Ghabqa of Ramadan made in his palace, attended by hundreds of different sections of the community, Sheikh Fahad warned that the uproar will be a terrible danger on the State.

He declared that the wishing time is over and it is time to start working, stressing that the acts to confront the uproar would be under the frame of the law and the constitution. Al-Sabah stated that the Kuwaiti community is based on solid principles of mercy and bonding considering the big attendance as a sign. He added: “no one ever will undermine these principles or break our society”

He also announced that the time to confront the uproar had started “now it not the time to wish but to act”, noting that the vain wishes are thrown behind and we are praying for God to safeguard Kuwait and to end this uproar before starting whether on the social or political level.

Sheikh Fahad also said that the upcoming actions will prove the verification of this, and the actions will be under the protection of the law, the constitution and the state sovereignty headed by His Highness the trustworthy Crown Prince.

Feeling the anger in the Kuwaiti streets of separating the people of the community and classifying them according to category and sectarian basis, Sheikh Fahad declared that the Kuwaiti people refuse to continue this subject reiterating that he will not allow the continuity of this subject affirming that in case the uproar is not ceased, it will be ceased before it aggravates.

He warned from the uproar danger on the Kuwaiti society saying that if we break Kuwait, we break ourselves and when things collapse everyone loses, repeating that ceasing the uproar and the one who initiates it is the only solution.

Sheikh Fahad considered the huge attendance from different Kuwaiti communities to this diner, a sign that the Kuwaiti ruling Family will guarantee the consolidation of a loving, respectful relationship between people. The roots of this relationship are expanding for many years. He considered the huge crowd as a sign of unity in the State and a fraternity despite some attempts to implant uproars among citizens, noting that some social Medias tried to implant the uproar among people in the last few months.