I advised the governors to listen to their people in order to be happy


During an interview with the American channel CNN, Sheikh Fahad tackled the protests in the streets demanding freedom and democracy, and he mentioned his advice addressed to the Arab world’s governors describing him by crazy and accusing him of having secret Agenda.

The dialogue is the following:

Sheikh Al-Sabah assured that he was called “crazy” indicating that many leaders started to notice that if the change doesn’t start today quickly and in a peaceful way, we will be cursed.

He added saying: America is running late to take a decision regarding Libya, Obama is not the only one who’s late but the rest of the countries are, they should have put Kazzafi under more pressure so he could do real political changes in the last few years, when Libya pledged to abandon terrorism and paid indemnities for the victims of Pan Am- Flight 103- aircraft that was hit over Lockerbie in Scotland. His message today for the leaders is to not be late to deal with other countries in the Middle East.

Sheikh Al-Sabah said that he’s pressuring for more democracy in his country and he condemns corruption, stressing his commitment to this sentence: “You earn more credibility if you start changing from your home”.

He also indicated that if the way of dealing won’t change, many people will go down the street. As a result of the war, whether you go back to your country defeated or with more courage to accomplish what you believe in. “I think I came back with more courage”. He emphasized that his faith in achieving the democracy is not void of risks but what matters is the process of the leaders who give people the capacity to control their future and belongings. Humans must take responsibility of the results once asking for democracy.

The Sheikh reminds that he owns a Media empire and in order to deliver his message, he founded Fahad Al-Salem Center a human organization seeking to make a difference peacefully all over the area, before imposing the change by force.