God united us…but we dispersed

2015-06-21 16:32:31


Once upon a time, long time ago, there was a wide rich Arab homeland embracing the greatest people on earth. Suddenly, this homeland split into many other lands, as the people lost their memories and went back to the dark ages. Everything was lost, even love, safety and hope. We once were a nation, homogeneous, consistent and united…and now it is all gone.

We were once a civilized strong nation, that lives up to its dreams, strongly present on the world map with its roles and culture and wisdom. We were a nation of knowledge, which protects people from evil and ignorance, depending on our honorable history and rooted culture, as a basis for development and civilization. Our power was in our unity, as one tree rooted deep into the earth and spread high up to the sky.

We were safe and proud, until the moment hatred gored our roots, as fear, evil and jealousy separated us. Our nation disjointed into many ignorant states, continuously attacked by vicious predators. We separated into dismantled destroyed nations that do not deserve the honor of being alive.

The worst of all is that we are accustomed to our death and absence, wilting between belief and denial, between what we see and what we know, what we hear and what we understand, between what we say and what we want.

Who will ease my pain and erase my memory from the woes and wars that burnt the hearts and souls of thousands of the oppressed people?

Who knows how to bring us back together and reunite our hearts? Who can break the stones engulfing our hearts to wake the hope back again and help us forgive?

Forgiveness is the only solution to overcome our pain, so that we can live in harmony with our hearts.

Who has the key to our unity? Who can stop this nation from further corrosion? We were the nation chosen by god for the good, put we proved we are the worst of all.

I really do not know how we were united by God, but we dispersed in wars and rivalry, constantly killing each other.

The question rises again: what if we let go of our ability to appreciate and respect life? How are we going to move on? How can we differ the smell of blood from our morning coffee? How can we wake up everyday without the amazement of witnessing life again?

We are in desperate need for God’s help and mercy, to reunite and learn how to love again, after we lost our hearts in the darkness of evil.

Lord protect us from the evil of Satan

Protect us from the evil of humans

Have mercy on us, O Most Merciful.