Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah’s statement on Eid Al-Fitr

2014-07-28 22:00:07


On the eve of Eid al-Fitr, we are blessed to abide by God’s rules, as we fasted during the Holy Month of Ramadan, cleansing our souls, and braking the rein of desires. This time of the year brings people together in brotherhood and cooperation, and blesses them with humility and sympathy.

Dear Kuwaitis, brothers and dear citizens, I express my warm congratulations on this happy occasion, wishing that God Almighty will perpetuate his grace upon us and spare us all evil, especially since we are in the eye of the storm, surrounded by dangers and threatened by greed. To confront all this, we must unite under the umbrella of our nation, away from hatred and hostility.

Happy Eid Fitr. God bless our country and the Arabic and Islamic nation, with peace and harmony.

I pray to God to preserve Kuwait and the Kuwaiti, and to bless us with unity, so that our country would remain the land of brotherhood and mercy.

God bless Kuwait and its leaders on the righteous path

God bless our people from all evils