2015-04-24 16:58:50

"Thank God I am not a young man at this time”, said Voltaire the French philosopher when asked about the conditions under which France suffers unrest and strife ...

What would Voltaire say when he sees the complicated and tensed Arab World, sieged between wars and conflicts, with a gloomy present and dark future?

Five years passed on the Arabs, who thought that the Arab Spring would bring prosperity and reform so that we can live in harmony, rejoicing the present, assured to our future. However, the joy never came and tranquility was not found.

Wherever you go in the Arab world, you can see the fear and terror, murder and sedition. And if a community or a country dodged the bullet, they still live in caution and anxiety.

Years after years pass, and we still cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is fading slowly, as salvation of this reality became more and more difficult.

What is worse is that we are still engulfed in wars and conflicts, and our nation became a group of hostile states instead of neighbors and brotherly countries.

Foreigners have the keys of all the Arab countries, and the winds of globalization are violently shaking our communities, ripping the roots of our culture and authenticity. Wars and extremism burnt our lands, and destroyed every hope of salvation from this dreadful situation. I do not think that a country will survive this evil…

We need a miracle to save us and bring back the hope of a close salvation from a horrible spiral of wars and painful paralysis.

When will we know that injustice does not build a homeland? Shouldn’t we know that a generation of war and darkness will hold weapons and knives not papers and pens?

Almighty God in his Holy Quran says: 

Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves (Surah Ar-Ra'd)